Saying Good-Bye

Today was my last day at the Daughters of Utah Pioneers. It was a bitter sweet moment. I have learned so much from everyone at the Museum. I have learned how to communicate with museum visitors of all ages, to catalog and update the museum collection, to advertise on social media and so much more. Have gotten tips for the future, and made unforgettable friends.

To finish off my museum experience I had one last board meeting with the presidency of the museum. We started out reviewing the minutes from the last meeting and approving them.


We also went over what will be happening this month at the museum. We discussed the event of the 24th of July, I am not from Utah. Before I came to Utah to do my internship I had no idea what it was. The 24th of July is Pioneer Day. This year the 24th is on Sunday so the city is celebrating on the 25th instead. There will be a city parade in which the Queen that we elected last week will be in. After the parade the museum will open and the Queen and her attendants will be there for people to meet.

In the meeting I was given a chance to speak to the board and to thank them for everything that they had done for me and tell them what I had learned.

After the meeting I went into another meeting with Sue. We talked about everything that I had accomplished  through out my internship. We also reviewed the grant I had worked on and I turned in all the drives, papers, and projects I had been working on.


Leaving today was hard, I have made such great memories and experiences. I did promise to come and help with the 25th this month, So I will be able to see everyone again. I am excited to come back and work with a project that I have helped prepare for. IMG_3506




Coming to a Close

It feels almost surreal that my time at the Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum is coming to a close. I have had such a fantastic time here, and have learned so much from the wonderful lady’s here and the museum. They have guided me through the employment process and carved me into one of there own.

I have almost Completed all of my work on the Grant that I was assigned to do. There are a few ends that I still need to tie. Including a meeting with Sue the museum President. We will be sitting down on Monday to look over the work that I have done on the Grant and also filling in any hole that I was not able to answer.


These manly include questions about the museums insurance policies. What kind of coverage we have on the building, exhibits and the complete collection.

I was able to continue to work on next years summer program. There was a beginning of a program that had been started. Although it did not include much of our collection. We wanted to not only include the museums collection into the experience, but to engage in the excitement of learning about the pioneers. Therefore I am extending the program  to include specific Artifacts or exhibits that the museum holds along with a lesson and activity.


In the last board meeting that the museum held. We disgust the need of spotlighting an artifact, person’s photo or  a belonging of a person that we have in our collection. There is two reasons for this the first is to help the volunteers to better learn the collection. The second is for the community to learn about an important person that lived in there county.

Along with this I have created an activity for families a paper that is a mix between a stoplight and a treasure hunt. The paper has a list on it, the list tells you facts about the persons life along with close about where there picture is hung up in the museum. It is a fun way for families to come together and learn about the pioneers and what they stood for.


Crowning the Queen

I have continued to work on the grant. It has been a fantastic experience working on it and discovering what is needed for such a process. We are almost finished with all the paperwork. I am now going to have to start reviewing the paperwork that we have already completed and make sure it comes up to code with that we want.

This week we have been preparing for a special event for the Daughters of Utah Pioneers. It is called the Queens Crowning. Its an event that the museum has been looking forward to for a long time.

We held the event later in the afternoon outside. We wanted it to be a little cooler outside. Setting up didn’t take to long, we set up chairs under the shade of the trees. I also hooked up the microphone to the speakers and tested it out.


Sets filled up fast, we ended up not having enough sets for people and they took to sitting on the grass. Sue Bybee the president of the museum and last years Queen gave the introduction speech. After Sue Bybee had given her speech she invited the international  President of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers. (There are many museum scattered all throughout Utah she over sees all of them. )


The international President gave a speech. She talked about a Pioneer ancestor of hers and the trials that she went through crossing the plains. She talked about the importance of remembering the pioneers that went through such trials, and what we can learn from there stories.

Once she was done with her speech Sue Invited Rachael up to announce this years Queen and attendance.  Sue also invited me up, to help with the flowers sashes and crowning of the Queen. As each woman was called they were each given flowers and a sash with the title of which they were given. The Queen was also given a Crown.


The Hole experience went quite smoothly. It was fun to see so many people come and support the event. Along with the Crowning we also had a Book signing the Man that wrote Mile Goodyear and his cabin was there signing books to anyone that wanted to perches a copy.


We also had a couple come in earlier today that were doing research on some ancestors. looking around the museum they found some pictures of family members. One of the docents took them down to the research lab where I was at the I was able to teach them how to look up histories and photos of any other family members that might have been in our system. They had such a fun time looking through there the photos and finding there ancestors.




The grant I have been working on is progressing faster then I anticipated. I was working on the collections management a paper that is required to apply for a grant.

Meeting were all around today. My first meeting was with Judy. We discuses the matter of spending the grant that we recently obtained. We discuss the options of what to spend the grant on.  We decided that we will spend the money on our sewing section.


This activity it open everyday, all day. On Wednesdays we have a beginners class where people can come into the museum and learn how to hand sew a quilt. The grant will be spent on buying supply’s for this activity. We decided to spend the Grant money on this department, because it is the department that we will most likely get the money back. After the quilt is all sewn, we will put the quilt in the gift shop, where guess can purchase the quilt to take home.

I also was able to have a short meeting with the museums curator about the conditioning report for our collection. One of the items on the list that we have to have completed in order to apply for the grant is, a completed and updated conditioning report. Our meeting consisted of making sure that we had a conditioning report and making sure that is was updated.


I had one more meeting with Sue (The Museum President). We talked  about the progression of the grant, and what was left to do. We started to work on the Performance goals. I looked up the chart for the state of Utah and printed it out. Sue and I looked it over and started to fill out the sheet.


We also had a story time at the museum today. We had a woman come and talk to a group of child and adults about her ancestor. She brought along a book full of photo’s. For everyone to look at.


It was an eventful day today, there was a lot that I got done along with three meetings, more paperwork, and setting up and talking down chairs and equipment for the story time.




Grant work

For the last two days I’ve been helping to right a Grant. It has been a valuable experience. My knowledge of the subject has vastly expanded. Both in writing and understanding written policies.

I continued to work and revise the written Ethics Policy. It’s been an immeasurable experience. I never thought that I would have the opportunity to be involved in writing a grant. It was intimidating at first,  I had never seen an Ethics Policy, but after taking a look at other businesses ethnic policies. I was able to understand what an Ethics Policy is and what was expected. I was able to finish up the policy today.

I started and finished a written benefits policy for the volunteer in the museum. This included a  list of all training that the volunteers when through, when they first joined and any training that they are continuing to go through.

I started and finished an code of ethics for all unpaid staff and volunteers. This included a write up about our expectations for our team members. Our expectation in how they treat the guests and also their fellow volunteers.

I Started and finished an education program for future internships. This included everything I have already done in my time here. The list of items the future internships will be required to do is: learning how to catalog incoming and moving artifacts, give proper and detailed tours, attend and participate in board meetings, help plan, set up, and manage a family day at the museum.

The last item I worked on and completed was, that I developed an educational program. The program was dedicated around the museum’s collection and exhibits. This included  singling out an exhibit in the museum, and making a lesson plan to go with it and adding an activity to go with it. creating a fun day in which the community can get involved in.
I have enjoyed working on this projects, it have allowed me to keep an open mind and to create know programs that the museum will in future be applying. I have learned how to write ethic policies along with benefit policies. These experiences will be irreplaceable for my future goals.

Emergence and Preparedness Plan

It has been an interesting experience writing a emergence and preparedness plan for Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum. After I had done the appropriate research for what was expected and wanted by the government. I needed to create an emergence plan for what we do to prevent disasters from happening, such as fires, mold damage, and water damage.


The plan I needed to create needed specific plans for each natural disaster that might happen to our area. Including any disasters that we might not expect such as building related events broken pips, security loss, terrorist attack. Each event was carefully discussed, looked over and planed out in order to keep our guests and collection safe.

Between working on and completing the emergence and preparedness plan the museum had a few large groups come through the museum. We opened the Museum up early to accommodate there schedule.


They were broken down into smaller groups and each group was given a docent. Which showed them around and gave them tours of the collection. It was a fun experience, this was by far the biggest group we have had this year at the museum. They were a stake group of young men that came to learn about the woman pioneers for the Weber county.


I finished the emergence and preparedness plan and I am now continuing to work on the ethic statement for the museum.

Baking Like the Pioneers

We had a fun event planed for the community today. Making bread and butter like the pioneers. We had two sections open 2 o’clock to 4 o’clock then the next section was from 6 o’clock to 8 o’clock.


We had a great turn out. There were lots of kids of all ages along with there parents,  that came to the bread making event. The groups were first told the instructions of what they would be doing and how they would be making the bread.


(Getting instructions)


First Group to start. Good Luck!!!


(Everyone diving in.)

Scenes it is the twenty-first century, and the activity was located outside we wanted as little mess as possible and not that much clean up. Therefor instead of mixing everything in a bowl everything went into a zip-lock plastic bag.


We divided the kids into groups that had three people in them. Each group was given a plastic bag and told to spray the inside with Pam. After that they added about half of the flour, the salt, yeast, sugar, and hot water. The bag was then sealed tightly and the children took turns mixing the content up. After the content was all mixed together. The mixture was suppose to rest for ten minutes. This gave the families an opportunity to look around the museum and the cabin.


Once the ten minutes were up the kids added the oil and the rest of the flour. Mixing it all together was a real work out. The doe was then taken out of the bag divided into three  balls and placed into there own individual pans, so that the children could take them home and bake them.


The next section was the butter making. Pouring heavy cream in to a glass jar. We had the kids and there parents shack the jar until the sloshing sound stop. They added a small amount of salt, then started to shack again. Many arms got tiered in this process. After a while a sloshing sound could be heard once more. The kids were instructed to open up there jar and pour out the liquid that was inside. What remained was the butter.


It was a great day. full of fun and laughter from family and community members. It was an enjoyable day at the museum. Daughters of Utah Pioneers love to invite and get the community involved in the museum. This is just one of the fun ways that the museum dose that.